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Production: Part 1

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

The Mandrake: a SCAD Capstone film

Producer - 3D Animation Short - 6:45

Starting the production quarter of making the Mandrake I really wanted to improve upon the organizational and scheduling system I had used for pre-production. I found that my crew needed a schedule document that they had to interact with less and a producer they interacted with more. This led me to create simpler trackers and communicate daily to relay deadlines and reminders to each crew member. Last quarter we just had class and a weekly meeting, so the only interaction would be within that time and I found that some information and tasks got lost. I'm happy to say that so far that these daily reminders have greatly improved the crews confidence. This quarter I can already tell we are going to have a more solid network of communication.

Last quarter my main tracking document was the shot master sheet that basically took each shot through the entire pipeline in one single document. The shot master was ineffective and way too much to look at because of the volume of information. This quarter I ditched the calendar like schedule and made a more straightforward charts; one for layout, one for animation, and one as the master schedule.

First, the animation tracker uses way less color and displays information in an easier way. This sheet is still in the development stage as shots are still in the process of being cut and adjusted, but I am hoping this type of tracker will hold up for production. A VFX tracker was also made for production. We had more VFX shots then expected so it was easier to keep track of them in a whole separate sheet.

Character Animation Tracker

VFX Tracker

Layout is a big portion of our film because we have 70+ layouts and only a handful of students to work on them. The director, Quincy Baltes, and I selected and Layout Lead who would manage the majority of layout. The tracker is pretty straight forward and set up to the workflow of our lead, and the dropdown are used for her to tell the director and I what layouts we need to discuss. Due dates for this tracker are loose and edits are consistently being made to every layout.

Layout Tracker

For file tracking we are essentially using the same system as last quarter, however we are moving from Google Suites to the SCAD Collaborative server for animation and layout file organization. Google Suites worked so well with visual development and general organization and we will continue to use it for management documents and concept designs. The naming conventions also evolved from last quarter and are shorter and used for every aspect.

A few weeks into production I am very happy with the amount of preplanning and set up I was able to accomplish before production started. I feel like I have a grip on what is going to happen and have the ability to adapt my plans if need be.

This is the first part of the production blog, in the next post I will talk about what worked, what changed, and all of the other exciting things happening to our film. We are getting t-shirts,an official website, and a art book- so stay tuned!

If you want to see our work please follow our instagram @themandrakefilm and our personal blog

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